Tanury Industries Celebrates Successful Employee Leadership Mentor Program

February 20, 2017 Awards, Press Releases

Lincoln, RI February 13, 2017: At the end of the year Tanury Industries celebrated the success of their new Leadership Mentor Program with a special dinner. The gathering recognized the accomplishments of the 28 program participants from Tanury’s middle management staff, who worked alongside Tanury’s executive team to identify improvements for Tanury’s processes & policies and systems. The program provided employees the opportunity to gain leadership experience while increasing their knowledge and critical thinking skills in the context of the manufacturing industry. “This was a great time for all of us to come together to celebrate the success and growth of all the individuals who participated in the Leadership Mentor Program,” said Michael Akkaoui, President and CEO of Tanury Industries.

During the course of the program, participants met weekly with their mentors from the executive management team for group discussions, team building exercises, and leadership education. They also attended four off-premises workshops. Following completion of the program, the solutions the teams identified were incorporated into Tanury’s Operations Plan for 2017.

Tanury plans to continue the program in 2017 in collaboration with their Lean Manufacturing Program. This year employees will receive formal training from the Rhode Island Manufacturing Extension Services, Inc. in facilitator skills development.  Following the training, participants will be strategically placed on 8 active teams at Tanury Industries. “Our goal is to integrate the Leadership Mentor Program and the Lean Manufacturing program to build real time problem solving skills and develop facilitation skills deeper within the organization,” said Paula Frias, Director of Marketing.