Aerospace Finishing

For commercial and private aircraft, we offer innovative, jewelry-grade aesthetics to produce finishes that perform—time and time again—and eliminate long-standing wear problems. We are an FAA-Certified Repair Station (Certificate #UUYR063Y) for interior metal finishing, employing FAA-certified repairmen to assemble and disassemble items for the aircraft. To specifically support the aviation industry, we applied our experience and resources to develop a new way to coat aluminum, a key material in aircraft design and manufacturing.


Through precision manufacturing and new technologies, we are able to bring the same quality, durability and visual appeal to the aerospace industry that we bring to the consumer and fine jewelry industries.

We can accommodate inlays up to fourteen feet in length, delivering the highest-quality look and feel to the finished project. We offer extensive wear resistance in critical areas such as entry door handles, thresholds, sinks, and galley components. Available in many finishes, get key durability where it is needed most.

We are proud to be a leading manufacturer for the aerospace industry and have acquired the following certifications to best service our customers:

  • NADCAP Certified for Electroplating as per AC7108 for Chemical Processing
  • AMS-QQN-290 nickel and Mil-DTL-45204 gold specifications
  • AS9100D Certification

Learn more about what NADCAP is here.


Group 1

TI-100 24kt gold polished bright
TI-101 24kt gold satin
TI-108 24kt gold sandblast
TI-109 24kt gold antique (all types)
TI-106 18kt gold polished bright
TI-107 18kt gold satin
TI-110 Almond Polished
TI-111 Almond Satin
TI-112 18kt gold sandblast
TI-113 18kt gold antique (all types)
TI-114 14kt gold polished bright
TI-115 14kt gold satin
TI-116 14kt gold sandblast
TI-117 14kt gold antique (all types)
TI-104 Rose gold polished bright
TI-105 Rose gold satin
TI-118 Rose gold sandblast
TI-119 Rose gold antique (all types)
TI-102 Champagne gold polished
TI-103 Champagne gold satin
TI-120 Champagne gold sandblast
TI-121 Champagne gold antique (all types)

Group 2

TI-500 Copper polished
TI-501 Copper satin
TI-502 Copper sandblast
TI-503 Copper antique (all types)
TI-202 Nickel polished
TI-201 Nickel smoked polish
TI-208 Nickel satin
TI-207 Nickel sandblast
TI-701 Brass polished
TI-702 Brass satin
TI-703 Brass sandblast
TI-605 Brass antique (all types)
TI-801 Bronze polished
TI-802 Bronze satin
TI-803 Bronze sandblast
TI-602 Bronze antique (all types)
TI-205 Chrome polished
TI-204 Chrome satin
TI-206 Chrome sandblast
TI-608 Pewter (nickel / black / satin)
TI-699 Brushed stainless
TI-XXX Call for colors
TI-401 Black nickel polished
TI-403 Black sandblast
TI-402 Black nickel satin
TI-404 Gunmetal

Groups 3 & 4

TI-4000P V-68-Polish Azur Blue
TI-4000S V-68-Satin Azur Blue
TI-4000GB V-68-Glass Bead Azur Blue
TI-4002P V-69-Polish Red/Bronze
TI-4002S V-69-Satin Red/Bronze
TI-4002GB V-69-Glass Bead Red/Bronze
TI-1000P V-12-Polish Zircon Gold
TI-1000S V-12-Satin Zircon Gold
TI-1000GB V-12-Glass Bead Zircon Gold
TI-1001P V-55-Polish Champagne
TI-1001S V-55-Satin Champagne
TI-1001GB V-55-Glass Bead Champagne
TI-2001P V-63-Polish Titanium
TI-2001S V-63-Satin Titanium
TI-2001GB V-63-Glass Bead Titanium
TI-2002P V-95-Polish Stainless
TI-2002S V-95-Satin Stainless
TI-2002GB V-95-Glass Bead Stainless
TI-4003P V-81-Polish Purple
TI-4003S V-81-Satin Purple
TI-4003GB V-81-Glass Bead Purple
TI-4007P V-01-Polish Lifetime Brass
TI-4007S V-01-Satin Lifetime Brass
TI-4007GB V-01-Glass Bead Lifetime Brass
TI-5000P V-52-Polish Spectrum
TI-5000S V-52-Satin Spectrum
TI-5000GB V-52-Glass Bead Spectrum
TI-4006P V-64-Polish Abyss
TI-4006S V-64-Satin Abyss
TI-4006GB V-64-Glass Bead Abyss
TI-4009P V-46-Polish Rose
TI-4009S V-46-Satin Rose
TI-4009GB V-46-Glass Bead Rose
TI-4005P V-62-Polish Sea Green
TI-4005S V-62-Satin Sea Green
TI-4005GB V-62-Glass Bead Sea Green
TI-4030P V-96-Polish Red/Brass
TI-4030S V-96-Satin Red/Brass
TI-4030GB V-96-Glass Bead Red/Brass
TI-4010P V-80-Polish Radiance
TI-4010S V-80-Satin Radiance
TI-4010GB V-80-Glass Bead Radiance
TI-4020P V-84-Polish Chocolate
TI-4020S V-84-Satin Chocolate
TI-4020GB V-84-Glass Bead Chocolate
TI-4015P V-51-Polish Graphite
TI-4015S V-51-Satin Graphite
TI-4015GB V-51-Glass Bead Graphite
TI-2000P V-94-Polish Black Ice
TI-2000S V-94-Satin Black Ice
TI-2000GB V-94-Glass Bead Black Ice
TI-1200P V-85-Polish Midnight Black
TI-1200S V-85-Satin Midnight Black
TI-1200GB V-85-Glass Bead Midnight Black
TI-4040P V-89-Polish Diamond Like Carbon
TI-4040S V-89-Satin Diamond Like Carbon
TI-4040GB V-89-Glass Bead Diamond Like Carbon
TI-450 Black
TI-451 Silver
TI-452 White