Architectural Finishing

At Tanury Industries, we understand that true luxury is achieved in the details. For clients looking to develop highly customized and extremely lavish spaces coated in precious metals, we offer a full range of bespoke finishes and services unparalleled in our industry. We bring the same quality, durability, and visual appeal to luxury products that we bring to the consumer and fine jewelry industries. No matter what we are working on, we take the utmost care to ensure that every surface meets our high standards and our clients’ high expectations.


Through continued advancements and investments in technology, we have stayed at the forefront of our craft. Our research and development teams are continuously working to improve and refine our process, always looking for more efficient and effective ways to enhance the architectural projects undertaken by our clients. Available in an array of finishes, we offer extensive wear resistance in critical areas such as door handles, levers, thresholds, and sinks.


Gaming machines are one of the first things people see when they step onto the casino floor. From slot machines to the roulette wheel, plated details can enhance an entire space. Tanury Industries is the leader in decorative plating for the gaming industry, specializing in wear-resistant finishes. We provide zircon gold or titanium to achieve a rich gold, or warm nickel finish


Yachts provide the perfect getaway, combining adventure, luxury, and privacy. At Tanury, we help create some of the world’s most beautiful yachts by applying jewelry-grade finishes to architectural details including handrails, windows and portholes, cleats, hooks, winches, and more.