Research & Development

We continuously launch new finishes and processes every year, providing our customers with the options they need to stay competitive

At Tanury, we are constantly investing in R&D. We launch new finishes and processes every year, providing our customers with the options they need to stay competitive. Coupled with our own proprietary R&D efforts, we provide clients across a broad spectrum of industries with a wide range of finishing options. Essentially, our R&D team becomes an extension of our customer’s product development departments—and in many cases, we serve as their R&D department. By undertaking R&D projects alongside our customers, we can shorten developmental lead times, saving both time and money for our clients.

SEM Laboratory and Special Measuring Analysis
(Pictured Above)

We have invested in a Scanning Electron Microscope for both thin film analysis and molecular structure evaluation. This laboratory, located at our PVD facility, also houses Calo Thickness Testing and Profilometer measurement.

Measurement Laboratory

We use the latest X-Ray technology to ensure the correct plating thickness for each product. We also use X-Ray fluorescence to measure multi-layer material and base material composition.

Environmental Laboratory

Our environmental laboratory offers testing for neutral salt spray, humidity tarnish testing, thermal shock wear testing, CASS, and water immersion.

Testing Laboratory

Tanury offers unique testing capabilities that provide unmatched value for our customers. We’ve recently added a 2,000 square-foot, test lab space equipped with analytical equipment that measures the chemical components of all our chemistries. Our expert staff assures reliable plating results, day to day, year to year.

Analytic Laboratory

Our analytic laboratory provides a wide range of capabilities including waste treatment analysis, plating solution analysis, Hull cell analysis, cross-section analysis, perspiration testing, chemical corrosion testing, hypo-allergenic (nickel-free) testing, surface area analysis, and atomic absorption services. Our newest analytical equipment, the Gas Chromatograph, allows us to measure solvents in our e-coat systems. With this acquisition, Tanury Industries can measure all of our bath components internally whenever needed, ensuring minimal downtime due to chemistry related matters.