Who We Are

Our Objective

At Tanury, our objective is simple: To use cutting-edge technologies and to establish the best practices needed to develop cost effective and innovative finishing solutions for our clients.

From fine jewelry to precision aviation components, consumer products, and customized architectural and nautical fixtures, we are known for our quality, craftsmanship and attention to even the smallest detail.

What sets us apart from other metal finishing firms is our commitment to technology, to developing new solutions, and to finding ways to deliver for our customers. By focusing on innovative service, we work with our clients—from inception to development to testing and plating—to turn a simple idea into a complex reality.  At Tanury, we create finishes to customer specifications that perform and last.

Employing the latest technology in every segment of our operation—from processes to business systems to production and R&D facilities—ensures that you receive superior results every time. Our technology and processes are engineered to minimize reject rates of less than 1% and highly durable finishes that will keep your clients happy.

Through our quality-control process, we utilize continual testing and advanced diagnostic methods to ensure not only that each product meets our specifications and standards, but also that the chemistry is 100% consistent throughout.

Our state of the art facility includes multiple production lines for automated plating, hand plating, barrel plating and physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems.

Lean Manufacturing
Technology is part of everything we do, and our commitment extends far beyond our production and manufacturing systems. At Tanury, we use technology to communicate with our internal teams, our external suppliers and our customers, establishing a lean manufacturing process that provides superior value through every stage of our processes.

At Tanury, our commitment to quality and consistency is at the core of what we do, driving both our business and our processes.  Our quality is highlighted in our processes, centered around systematic attention to each detail and formal inspections. We are one of the few decorative platers that is FAA certified, and we are also the first decorative coating operation in the United States to earn an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certification.

By establishing and following internal standards and process guidelines, we are able to deliver consistent and measurable performance levels for our customers.  We aim to far exceed the capabilities of offshore operations—saving our customers both time and money.

Our emphasis on planning and preparation helps us to achieve the best results for our clients. Through lean manufacturing, our employees are accountable to each other and to the finished product, ensuring that external customers receive the highest level of satisfaction with every order they place. By keeping our focus on the finished product—and what it takes to get there—we are able to maintain the quality our customers have come to expect.

Quality System: ISO-9001

At Tanury, the ISO system constitutes the basis of our approach to quality. This starts at the level of each department where documented procedures carefully define each step to accomplish each task. Standard operating procedures then define the policies, stating specific responsibilities and actions. Finally, all policies roll up to the highest level, which is our quality manual (QM)

We produce more than 400 orders per day for over 1,000 active customers world wide. This is a direct result of our highly qualified team. With advanced processes and our expert staff, we are able to dramatically reduce project lead time, turning projects around in the shortest time frame possible. Our client focus and passion have made us #1 over the years. Our customers work with us because of our quality, flexibility and 100% commitment to service.

At Tanury, we make it a priority and commitment to continuously drive customer satisfaction. Our computerized bar code order tracking allows us to see directly inside even the most complex manufacturing processes, identifying and staying aware of every product’s location at all times.

We also provide assembly and packaging services for certain projects, local pick-up and delivery, as well as international shipping to keep our customers’ projects moving and on track.

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Our History

For over 70 years, Tanury has worked in metal finishing, transforming unfinished materials into some of the most beautiful,
durable and recognizable products in the world.

We started our business as a local job shop delivering what our clients needed, when they needed it—on time, every time. As our customers grew, so did we, expanding our capabilities to accommodate their changing needs.

Founded in 1946 as a family business, Tanury Brothers, Inc. employed twelve people. The firm grew quickly, moving from a 7,200 square foot facility into an operational footprint of over 50,000 square feet. By emphasizing specification plating, quality, waste management and environmental responsibility, Tanury grew to become the leading finisher for the jewelry industry.

Tanury’s operation expanded to include industries such as automotive, aircraft, writing instrument, eyewear, and more looking to develop high-quality, jewelry-grade finishes for their products. In the 1990s, Tanury Industries continued to grow, improving plating and quality control through re-engineering of plating systems and improved production system operations in addition to disciplined processes for employee training.

Currently, Tanury Industries’ corporate headquarters occupy two distinct facilities, including a 70,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, surface-finishing plant in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The facility includes multiple production lines for automated plating, hand plating, and physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems as well as customer service and quality control operations.

Tanury is the premier decorative plater in the nation and; our work can be seen on high-end motorcycle and automotive parts, private and commercial aviation, marine hardware—even on the items you may wear such as high-end gift or jewelry items.

By keeping our business responsive to the changes in the marketplace and the needs of our clients, our operation evolved into one of the premier coating companies in the country. Today, that agility allows us to respond quickly and accurately to any request, from a first-time client to a decades-old customer.

“The pyramid is one of man’s most fundamental design forms. As part of our logo it symbolizes not only the precious-metal finishing process, but our strength and depth as a company as well. By insisting on excellence at every level of our operation, we have been able to build a reputation for quality and service that will endure into the future.”

We understand the needs of our customers’ businesses and know what it takes to grow and thrive, even in a tight and challenging business environment. From start to finish, all of our business operations and systems are tuned to deliver uncompromised quality, unprecedented service and fast turnarounds. This is something we provide to every client and every project.

Protecting Our Environment

Tanury Industries recognizes the importance of protecting the environments in which we work and live. We set high standards in the area of environmental responsibility, developing processes and systems that not only comply with regulations, but also reduce our environmental impact. In fact, we have been honored 2 years in a row by the Narragansett Bay Commission for Environmental Excellence.

Manufactured in America

For our entire history, we have taken great pride in being an American manufacturer. Our entire process, from start-to-finish, takes place at our facilities in Rhode Island and has for over 70 years. We are committed to supporting American businesses and manufacturers by providing high quality metal finishes and coatings.

Our Team

We have assembled a distinguished team of professionals

all dedicated to delivering innovative products to the marketplace. With a combined experience of over 150 years in electroplating and PVD technology, R&D and client oriented service, our team knows what it takes to deliver perfection.

We have assembled a distinguished team of professionals

all dedicated to delivering innovative products to the marketplace. With a combined experience of over 150 years in electroplating and PVD technology, R&D and client oriented service, our team knows what it takes to deliver perfection.

Thomas Tanury

Michael Akkaoui
President & CEO

Joseph Accaoui
Executive Vice President, Operations

Patrick Lynch
Vice President, Sales

Martin Buckholtz
Vice President, Aviation Sales

Rob Corcoran
Vice President, Finance

James Dinunzio
Executive Vice President of Administration

Our Work:

  • Aerospace
  • Architectureal Finishing
  • Automotive
  • Casino / Gaming Machines
  • Chain
  • Coins and Medallions
  • Electronics
  • Eyewear
  • Firearms
  • Giftware
  • Hardware
  • Jewelry
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Medical Equipment
  • Tools
  • Watches
  • Writing Instruments