Cerakote Coating Services

Our Cerakote coating service is suitable for manufacturers and designers.

With a combination of our cutting-edge capabilities and extensive and unparalleled experience, we provide Cerakote ceramic coating for a variety of industries such as firearms, hardware, eyewear, giftware, and more. Tanury offers a wide array of high-quality, coatings that enhance aesthetics and physical performances, such as wear and tear, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and impact strength. Call today!

Our Cerakote Coating Capabilities Include:

Premium Cerakote coatings in wide range of colors available. 

  • Cerakote is flexible and has excellent wear resistance.
  • Superior corrosion and weather-resistant coating.
  • Ceramic-polymer technology.
  • High-temperature coatings for automotive.
  • Does not affect fatigue properties of aluminum alloys like anodizing does.
  • Performance clear coats.
  • Chemical and solvent resistant.
  • Over 100 standard colors and custom mixed colors.

Cerakote vs. Anodizing

While anodizing is a common finish found in various industries, cerakote is a strong alternative for a durable yet aesthetically pleasing coating.

  • Cerakote offers over 200 unique colors that can be applied to various metals, plastics, composites, and other materials.
  • All cerakote colors hold a color consistency standard of Delta E of 1 or less.
  • The anodizing process creates stress and fatigue on aluminum alloys, whereas cerakote does not affect fatigue properties.
  • Cerakote is an environmentally friendly finish that does not contain any heavy metals and is VOC exempt in all 50 states.

Mil Spec Green

Springfield Grey

Sniper Gray

Midnight Bronze


Graphite Black

Armor Black

Camo (Custom)

Smith & Wesson Red

Barret Brown Splatter

Smith & Wesson Red Splatter