Rose Gold Plating Service for Manufacturers

Tanury Industries provides rose gold plating of the highest quality for customers in a variety of industries.

Our services are suitable for manufacturers, designers, and casters.

With a combination of our cutting-edge capabilities and extensive and unparalleled experience, we provide rose gold plating service to our customers. Call today!

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Polished


Rose Gold Satin

Our Electroplating Capabilities Include:

  • High-Volume/Large-Capacity Electroplating Hand Line
  • Fully Automated Specification Electroplating System
  • Computerized 4-bar Hoist Plating System
  • High-Throughput Automated Sputtering System
  • Full-Service Hoist Barrel Line
  • Aluminum and Zincating Capabilities
See what sets Tanury apart by watching our video:

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