Gold Plating Experts for Manufacturers

Tanury Industries provides wholesale gold plating service of the highest quality for customers in a variety of industries.

Our service is suitable for manufacturers, designers, and casters.

With a combination of our cutting-edge capabilities and extensive and unparalleled experience, we provide gold plating service to wholesale customers in diverse industries including jewelry, aerospace, and architectural finishing. Call today!

14KT Gold

14KT Polished

24KT Gold

24KT Gold Polished

14KT Gold Satin

14KT Satin

24KT Gold Satin

24KT Gold Satin

18KT Gold

18KT Polished

Almond Gold Polished

Almond Gold Polished

18KT Gold Satin

18KT Satin

Almond Gold Satin

Almond Gold Satin

Rose Gold and Green Gold also available. See our full list of finishes.

Our Electroplating Capabilities Include:

  • High-Volume/Large-Capacity Electroplating Hand Line
  • Fully Automated Specification Electroplating System
  • Computerized 4-bar Hoist Plating System
  • High-Throughput Automated Sputtering System
  • Full-Service Hoist Barrel Line
  • Aluminum and Zincating Capabilities
See what sets Tanury apart by watching our video:

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