With hundreds of finishes to choose from,
we can ensure your selected finish is exactly what you asked for

  • tanury-industries-24ktgold-polished-plating
    24KT Gold Polished
  • tanury-industries-24ktgold-satin-plating
    24KT Gold Satin
  • tanury-industries-18ktgold-polished-plating
    18KT Gold Polished
  • tanury-industries-18ktgold-satin-plating
    18KT Gold Satin
  • tanury-industries-14ktgold-polished-plating
    14KT Gold Polished
  • tanury-industries-14ktgold-satin-plating
    14KT Gold Satin
  • tanury-industries-almondgold-polished-plating
    Almond Gold Polished
  • tanury-industries-almondgold-satin-plating
    Almond Gold Satin
  • tanury-industries-rosegold-polished-plating
    Rose Gold Polished
  • tanury-industries-rosegold-satin-plating
    Rose Gold Satin
  • tanury-industries-greengold-polished-plating
    Green Gold Polished
  • tanury-industries-greengold-satin-plating
    Green Gold Satin
  • tanury-industries-nickel-polished-plating
    Nickel Polished
  • tanury-industries-nickel-satin-plating
    Nickel Satin
  • tanury-industries-silver-polished-plating
    Silver Polished
  • tanury-industries-silver-satin-plating
    Silver Satin
  • tanury-industries-champagne-polished-plating
    Champagne Polished
  • tanury-industries-champagne-satin-plating
    Champagne Satin
  • tanury-industries-brass-polished-plating
    Brass Polished
  • tanury-industries-brass-satin-plating
    Brass Satin
  • tanury-industries-platinum-polished-plating
    Platinum Polished
  • tanury-industries-platinum-satin-plating
    Platinum Satin
  • tanury-industries-rhodium-polished-plating
    Rhodium Polished
  • tanury-industries-rhodium-satin-plating
    Rhodium Satin
  • tanury-industries-chrome-polished-plating
    Chrome Polished
  • tanury-industries-chrome-satin-plating
    Chrome Satin
  • tanury-industries-black-nickel-polished-plating
    Black Nickel Polished
  • tanury-industries-black-nickel-satin-plating
    Black Nickel Satin
  • tanury-industries-chocolate-gold-polished-plating
    Chocolate Gold Polished
  • tanury-industries-darkruthenium-polished-plating
    Dark Ruthenium Polished
  • tanury-industries-silver-ox-plating
    Silver Ox
  • tanury-industries-silver-aged-antique-plating
    Silver Aged Antique
  • tanury-industries-copperox-plating
    Copper Ox
  • tanury-industries-copper-aged-antique-plating
    Copper Aged Antique
  • tanury-industries-bronzeox-plating
    Bronze Ox
  • tanury-industries-bronze-antique-plating
    Bronze Antique
  • tanury-industries-titanium-polish
    PVD Titanium polish TI-2001P V-63
  • tanury-industries-titanium-glass-bead
    PVD Titanium Glass Bead TI-2001GB V-63
  • tanury-industries-titanium-satin
    PVD Titanium Satin TI-2001S V-63
  • tanury-industries-stainless-polish
    PVD Stainless polish TI-2002P V-95
  • tanury-industries-stainless-glass-bead
    PVD Stainless Glass Bead TI-2002GB V-95
  • tanury-industries-stainless-satin
    PVD Stainless Satin TI-2002S V-95
  • tanury-industries-champagne-polish
    PVD Champagne polish TI-1001P V-55
  • tanury-industries-champagne-glass-bead
    PVD Champagne Glass Bead TI-1001GB V-55
  • tanury-industries-lifetime-champagne-satin
    PVD Champagne Satin TI-1001S V-55
  • tanury-industries-lifetime-brass-polish
    PVD Lifetime Brass Polish TI-4007P V-01
  • tanury-industries-lifetime-brass-glass-bead
    PVD Lifetime Brass Glass Bead TI-4007GB V-01
  • tanury-industries-lifetime-brass-satin
    PVD Lifetime Brass Satin TI-4007S V-01
  • tanury-industries-spectrum-polish
    PVD Spectrum Polish TI-5000P V-52
  • tanury-industries-spectrum-glass-bead
    PVD Spectrum Glass Bead TI-5000GB V-52
  • tanury-industries-spectrum-satin
    PVD Spectrum Satin TI-5000S V-52
  • tanury-industries-azur-blue-polish
    PVD Azur Blue Polish TI-4000P V-68
  • tanury-industries-azur-blue-glass-bead
    PVD Azur Blue Glass Bead TI-4000GB V-68
  • tanury-industries-azur-blue-satin
    PVD Azur Blue Satin TI-4000S V-68
  • tanury-industries-abyss-polish
    PVD Abyss Polish TI-4006P V-64
  • tanury-industries-abyss-glass-bead
    PVD Abyss Glass Bead TI-4006GB V-64
  • tanury-industries-abyss-satin
    PVD Abyss Satin TI-4006S V-64
  • tanury-industries-rose-polish
    PVD Rose Polish TI-4009P V-46
  • tanury-industries-rose-glass-bead
    PVD Rose Glass Bead TI-4009GB V-46
  • tanury-industries-rose-satin
    PVD Rose Satin TI-4009S V-46
  • tanury-industries-purple-polish
    PVD Purple Polish TI-4003P V-81
  • tanury-industries-purple-glass-bead
    PVD Purple Glass Bead TI-4003GB V-81
  • tanury-industries-purple-satin
    PVD Purple Satin TI-4003S V-81
  • tanury-industries-seagreen-polish
    PVD Sea Green Polish TI-4005P V-62
  • tanury-industries-seagreen-glass-bead
    PVD Sea Green Glass Bead TI-4005GB V-62
  • tanury-industries-seagreen-satin
    PVD Sea Green Satin TI-4005S V-62
  • tanury-industries-zircon-gold-polish
    PVD Zircon Gold Polish TI-1000P V-12
  • tanury-industries-zircon-gold-satin
    PVD Zircon Gold Satin TI-1000S V-12
  • tanury-industries-zircon-gold-glass-bead
    PVD Zircon Gold Glass Bead TI-1000GB V-12
  • tanury-industries-red-bronze-glass-polish
    PVD Red/Bronze Polish TI-4002P V-69
  • tanury-industries-red-bronze-glass-bead
    PVD Red/Bronze Glass Bead TI-4002GB V-69
  • tanury-industries-red-bronze-glass-satin
    PVD Red/Bronze Satin TI-4002S V-69
  • tanury-industries-red-brass-polish
    PVD Red/Brass Polish TI-4030P V-96
  • tanury-industries-red-brass-glass-bead
    PVD Red/Brass Glass Bead TI-4030GB V-96
  • tanury-industries-red-brass-satin
    PVD Red/Brass Satin TI-4030S V-96
  • tanury-industries-radiance-polish
    PVD Radiance Polish TI-4010P V-80
  • tanury-industries-radiance-glass-bead
    PVD Radiance Glass Bead TI-4010GB V-80
  • tanury-industries-radiance-satin
    PVD Radiance Satin TI-4010S V-80
  • tanury-industries-chocloate-polish
    PVD Chocolate Polish TI-4020P V-84
  • tanury-industries-chocloate-glass-bead
    PVD Chocolate Glass Bead TI-4020GB V-84
  • tanury-industries-chocloate-satin
    PVD Chocolate Satin TI-4020S V-84
  • tanury-industries-graphite-polish
    PVD Graphite Polish TI-4015P V-51
  • tanury-industries-graphite-glass-bead
    PVD Graphite Glass Bead TI-4015GB V-51
  • tanury-industries-graphite-satin
    PVD Graphite Satin TI-4015S V-51
  • tanury-industries-midnight-black-ice-polish
    PVD Black Ice Polish TI-2000P V-94
  • tanury-industries-midnight-black-ice-glass-bead
    PVD Black Ice Glass Bead TI-2000GB V-94
  • tanury-industries-midnight-black-ice-satin
    PVD Black Ice Satin TI-2000S V-94
  • tanury-industries-midnight-black-polish
    PVD Midnight Black Polish TI-1200P V-85
  • tanury-industries-midnight-black-glass-bead
    PVD Midnight Black Glass Bead TI-1200GB V-85
  • tanury-industries-Midnight-Black-Satin
    PVD Midnight Black Satin TI-1200S V-85