Tanury provides innovative metal polishing, glass coating, electroplating solutions to clients from consumer goods to nautical, avionics industries.

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Our business investments translate into increased profits for you

Employing the latest technology in every segment of our operation—from processes to business systems to production and R&D facilities—ensures that you receive superior results every time. Our technology and processes lead to reject rates of less than 1% and highly durable finishes that will keep your clients happy.


Through our quality-control process, we utilize continual testing and advanced diagnostic methods to ensure not only that each product meets our specifications and standards, but also that the chemistry is 100% consistent throughout.


Our state of the art facility includes five production lines for automated plating, hand plating, barrel plating and physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems.

Lean Manufacturing

Technology is part of everything we do, and our commitment extends far beyond our production and manufacturing systems. At Tanury, we use technology to communicate with our internal teams, our external suppliers and our customers, establishing a lean manufacturing process that provides superior value through every stage of our processes.