Tanury Industries Introduces Leadership Mentor Program for Employees

Lincoln, RI (August 4, 2016):  On June 25th, Tanury Industries launched a new employee development initiative called the Leadership Mentor Program. The program provides employees with the opportunity to gain leadership experience and to expand their knowledge and critical thinking ability in the manufacturing industry.

The Leadership Mentor Program was initiated by Tanury’s executive management team as a volunteer-by-invitation based program. There was an overwhelmingly positive response with over 30 employees accepting the opportunity to participate in the curriculum through the end of 2016. “Management feels that these individuals excel in their positions and wants to provide them more opportunities to learn and grow within the industry,” said Paula Frias, Director of Marketing.

Overseen by Michael Akkaoui, President and CEO of Tanury Industries, the program participants have been divided into two separate teams focusing on Policy & Systems and Process. Each team is led by mentors from Tanury’s executive staff including Joseph Accaoui, EVP of Operations; Pat Lynch, VP of Sales; Rob Corcoran, VP of Finance; Jim DiNunzio, VP of Administration; and Ron Guilmain, Director of Quality/Engineering. All participants have the opportunity to engage with and learn from their mentors while working on solving real life challenges in their area of focus. The teams meet once a week with their mentors, who facilitate group discussions and team building exercises.

The initiative has bridged a gap between the executive team and the employees, creating space for the development of ideas and people. “It’s exciting to see our employees passionately develop solutions that will not only benefit the company, but provide enhanced leadership training to the individual. We hope this program encourages employees to think with a leadership mindset in their daily roles,” said Michael Akkaoui.