Tanury Industries Awarded Workplace Development & Productivity Award at the 2017 Providence Business News Manufacturing Awards

Lincoln, RI March 30th, 2017: Providence Business News presented Tanury Industries with the Workplace Development & Productivity award among large manufacturers (150+ employees) at the annual PBN Manufacturing Awards on March 30th, 2017.

This is the second year in a row Tanury Industries has won a manufacturing award from PBN; last year winning in Overall Excellence. Tanury was founded in 1946 by Mr. Frederick M. Tanury and his three brothers. Starting with just ten employees, Tanury has grown to over 210 employees, servicing nearly 400 orders daily and 1000 customers worldwide.

“The PBN Manufacturing Awards encompass many different industries and help create a culture of excellence across Rhode Island businesses,” said Michael Akkaoui, President & CEO. “We are excited and honored to have been recognized by PBN again this year and will continue to support and help grow other local Rhode Island Businesses.”

The implementation of Tanury’s new leadership training program led to their selection for the Workplace Development & Productivity Award. The program, titled, the “Leadership Mentor Program,” is meant to help develop and train middle management employees in leadership and problem solving skills. For the inaugural program, 28 staff members were selected and split into two teams. Working side by side with executives for six weeks, the management employees learned from their mentors and honed their skills in team building exercises, leadership education, presentation skills development, and group decisions. This program bridged the gap between middle management and the executive team, creating a space where skills and people can be developed.

Going forward, Tanury will continue the program and focus on lean manufacturing. The program will be limited to 24 invited staff members and the selected participants will receive formal training from Rhode Island Manufacturing Extension Services, Inc. in facilitator skills development.

Our goal is to integrate the Leadership Mentor Program and the Lean Manufacturing Program to build real-time problem solving skills and develop facilitation skills deeper within the organization,” said Paula Frias, Director of Marketing.

Tanury is dedicated to continuing to improve the processes and training of their employees, specifically through the Leadership Mentor Program. By improving employees overall skill-sets and their management abilities, they can be given more responsibility and can take on a larger role within Tanury Industries.