Tanury provides innovative metal polishing, glass coating, electroplating solutions to clients from consumer goods to nautical, avionics industries.

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High-Wear Decorative & Functional Finishes for Industry

Tanury PVD Innovation

If you are looking to enhance both the visual and functional performance of components used in high-wear applications, then consider exploring Tanury’s PVD services. Our services are suitable for manufacturers, retailers, designers, and casters.

The Tanury Difference

  • Our unique dry-vacuum process saves our customers time and provides industry-leading results
  • We take PVD to a new level with the widest assortment of color options
  • We use the latest in PVD technology to deliver the most durable and vibrant ultra-hard zirconium and titanium nitride coatings

Learn what sets Tanury apart by watching our video:

Tanury PVD Benefits:

  • Provides a chemical barrier
  • Eliminates nickel sensitivity
  • Impervious to saline solutions
  • Sterilization
  • Proprietary decorative colors
  • High hardness
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Reduced friction
  • Multi-metal layering

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