Tanury provides innovative metal polishing, glass coating, electroplating solutions to clients from consumer goods to nautical, avionics industries.

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We have one of the widest pallets of jewelry-grade finishes for Aerospace--a result of the extensive R&D spent on perfecting the process.

Group 1

TI-100 24kt gold polished bright
TI-101 24kt gold satin
TI-108 24kt gold sandblast
TI-109 24kt gold antique (all types)
TI-106 18kt gold polished bright
TI-107 18kt gold satin
TI-110 24kt polished almond gold
TI-111 24kt satin almond gold
TI-112 18kt gold sandblast
TI-113 18kt gold antique (all types)
TI-114 14kt gold polished bright
TI-115 14kt gold satin
TI-116 14kt gold sandblast
TI-117 14kt gold antique (all types)
TI-104 Rose gold polished bright
TI-105 Rose gold satin
TI-118 Rose gold sandblast
TI-119 Rose gold antique (all types)
TI-102 Champagne gold polished
TI-103 Champagne gold satin
TI-120 Champagne gold sandblast
TI-121 Champagne gold antique (all types)
TI-130 Coffee gold polished
TI-131 Coffee gold satin
TI-132 Coffee gold sandblast

Group 2

TI-500 Copper polished
TI-501 Copper satin
TI-502 Copper sandblast
TI-503 Copper antique (all types)
TI-202 Nickel polished
TI-201 Nickel smoked polish
TI-208 Nickel satin
TI-207 Nickel sandblast
TI-701 Brass polished
TI-702 Brass satin
TI-703 Brass sandblast
TI-605 Brass antique (all types)
TI-801 Bronze polished
TI-802 Bronze satin
TI-803 Bronze sandblast
TI-602 Bronze antique (all types)
TI-205 Chrome polished
TI-204 Chrome satin
TI-206 Chrome sandblast
TI-608 Pewter (nickel / black / satin)
TI-699 Brushed stainless

Groups 3 & 4

TI-4000P V-68-Polish Azur Blue
TI-4000S V-68-Satin Azur Blue
TI-4000GB V-68-Glass Bead Azur Blue
TI-4002P V-69-Polish Red/Bronze
TI-4002S V-69-Satin Red/Bronze
TI-4002GB V-69-Glass Bead Red/Bronze
TI-1000P V-12-Polish Zircon Gold
TI-1000S V-12-Satin Zircon Gold
TI-1000GB V-12-Glass Bead Zircon Gold
TI-1001P V-55-Polish Champagne
TI-1001S V-55-Satin Champagne
TI-1001GB V-55-Glass Bead Champagne
TI-2001P V-63-Polish Titanium
TI-2001S V-63-Satin Titanium
TI-2001GB V-63-Glass Bead Titanium
TI-2002P V-95-Polish Stainless
TI-2002S V-95-Satin Stainless
TI-2002GB V-95-Glass Bead Stainless
TI-4003P V-81-Polish Purple
TI-4003S V-81-Satin Purple
TI-4003GB V-81-Glass Bead Purple
TI-4007P V-01-Polish Lifetime Brass
TI-4007S V-01-Satin Lifetime Brass
TI-4007GB V-01-Glass Bead Lifetime Brass
TI-5000P V-52-Polish Spectrum
TI-5000S V-52-Satin Spectrum
TI-5000GB V-52-Glass Bead Spectrum
TI-4006P V-64-Polish Abyss
TI-4006S V-64-Satin Abyss
TI-4006GB V-64-Glass Bead Abyss
TI-4009P V-46-Polish Rose
TI-4009S V-46-Satin Rose
TI-4009GB V-46-Glass Bead Rose
TI-4005P V-62-Polish Sea Green
TI-4005S V-62-Satin Sea Green
TI-4005GB V-62-Glass Bead Sea Green
TI-4030P V-96-Polish Red/Brass
TI-4030S V-96-Satin Red/Brass
TI-4030GB V-96-Glass Bead Red/Brass
TI-4010P V-80-Polish Radiance
TI-4010S V-80-Satin Radiance
TI-4010GB V-80-Glass Bead Radiance
TI-4020P V-84-Polish Chocolate
TI-4020S V-84-Satin Chocolate
TI-4020GB V-84-Glass Bead Chocolate
TI-4015P V-51-Polish Graphite
TI-4015S V-51-Satin Graphite
TI-4015GB V-51-Glass Bead Graphite
TI-2000P V-94-Polish Black Ice
TI-2000S V-94-Satin Black Ice
TI-2000GB V-94-Glass Bead Black Ice
TI-1200P V-85-Polish Midnight Black
TI-1200S V-85-Satin Midnight Black
TI-1200GB V-85-Glass Bead Midnight Black
TI-4040P V-89-Polish Diamond Like Carbon
TI-4040S V-89-Satin Diamond Like Carbon
TI-4040GB V-89-Glass Bead Diamond Like Carbon
TI-450 Black
TI-451 Silver
TI-452 White
TI-XXX Call for colors
TI-401 Black nickel polished
TI-403 Black sandblast
TI-402 Black nickel satin
TI-404 Gunmetal